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Crwydro Artists

Nine artists were involved in the first stage of the Crwydro project in West Wales, 3 from Quebec and 6 from Wales. For more details on the artists, including a statement, cv and contact details, please click on the links below:

Peter Bodenham (Wales)

Stefhan Caddick (Wales)

Jeane Fabb (Quebec)

Maura Hazelden (Wales)

Francois Morelli (Quebec)

Stirling Steward (Wales)

Ben Stammers (Wales)

Tedi Tafel (Quebec)

Simon Whitehead (Wales)

Peter Bodenham

Within my artistic practice I employ various materials and processes to realise images, sculptures, site-specific installations, drawing and printmaking. The current conceptual focus of the work is drawn from and about our relationship with landscape, nature and environment. In short a phenomenological experience and questioning of our current perception and relationship with nature.

Recent Exhibitions and Projects:
Henry Thomas Gallery – Staff Show, 1995
Henry Thomas Gallery – Staff Show, 2001
Ointment – group event Live arts in West Wales – Cardigan, 2002
Live Art @ Clynfyw – group event – Cardigan, 2002
Night walking Festival, ResCen, Queens Elizabeth Hall, London. 2002
Experimentica 02 Chapter Arts, Cardiff, 2002
2MPH – Return Journey, Clynfyw Countryside Centre, Pembrokeshire, 2002
Fine to Function – Llantarnam Grange Art Centre, 2003 –2004, touring exhibition.
Crwydro, ointment, Canadian (Boreal), Welsh exchange project, 2003

Stefhan Caddick

Stefhan Caddick is a visual artist based in Wales. His work is often multidisciplinary, encompassing visual art, new media and elements of performance.

His work sometimes takes the form of manoeuvres; strategies or methodologies which result in an action, installation, or other form of presentation; recording a second of sound every minute for three hours in an attempt to produce a 7" single; or cycling 250 miles during a cold February in Wales, avoiding main roads and asking passers-by for hand-drawn directions. The position which Caddick takes within these manoeuvres is often that of the technician rather than the artist. He will adopt a methodology at the outset of the work and then carry out his own, self-imposed instructions until the task is complete. As a result, the work is often as much an invitation to interrogate the methodology as the direct experience of the work in the gallery or online space.

At other times Caddick’s work focuses on the poetic; a miniature lighthouse grazing the walls with an image of its own filament, the noise of innumerable flies emanating from a structure constructed of hay, or the distant rumblings of sounds recorded from 4 foot below ground level.

Recent Exhibitions and Projects:
Pandacoustic, Grizedale/Real Institute Roadshow, Blaenau Ffestiniog, 2003
Crwydro/Wander, Clynfyw Countryside Centre, Pembrokeshire, 2003
Subterranea/Tanddaear National Eisteddfod. St David’s, 2002
Homings collaborative installation and performance with Simon Whitehead and Barnaby Oliver : Gallery 39, Cardiff and Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 2002
A470 : Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno and Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, 2002

More Information at:

Jeane Fabb

Jeane Fabb emigrated from England to Quebec at age seven. She was raised in Montreal, and studied visual arts at Concordia University. Drawn to the vast natural spaces of Canada, she journeyed from coast to coast several times, and to the arctic. In 1975, she settled in the boreal forest of the Upper Laurentian Hills in Quebec where she engages in an artistic process that explores the complex weaving of ecological, social and mythic dimensions of nature. Site-specific installations, actions and performances in remote natural sites in North America and Europe form the major core of her art practice. Through an overt feminine perspective, this work expresses an intimacy with the Earth entwined with a deep concern about the environmental degradation that humans are imposing on the rest of the natural world.

Jeane Fabb is a co-founder of Boréal Art/Nature, an artist-run center dedicated to the exploration of relationships between contemporary artistic practices and nature. As an active member, she has participated in the development of its innovative program, begun in 1989, of interdisciplinary and intercultural creative immersion in remote natural environments. Her artwork continues to be intricately linked with the realization of collective art/nature actions nationally and internationally.

Maura Hazelden

As a child I spent much time outside: playing, walking and climbing. In the garden, the woods and the mountains. Learning to observe, to use all my senses, to be. The exquisite pleasure of finding blackbird eggs, blue in a nest. How it felt to be in different places: the wooded North Downs; huge, rocky Snowdonia; the open, granite moorland of Mynydd Preseli.

My main preoccupations are with the domestic [4.00p.m. tea, a properly set table, a place for everything and everything in its place; her socks always came up to her knees; the cups and saucers should never be stacked; her handwriting was so neat; white and pale collars and cuffs should always be folded in white tissue; why can't you be more like her?] and the land, place; memory and perception. From order to evanescence: solid to vapour experience to memory.

The forms that I work through are performance/action/live art; photovisual and installation - sometimes all together; inside; outside: time based work.

Francois Morelli

Recent Solo Exhibitions, Actions and Performances

Solo Exhibitions

2003 Lewis and Clark College (Oregon)
2003 Engramme, Québec (Québec)
2003 Galerie R3, Trois-Rivières, (Québec)
2002 François Morelli Carousel. The Ronna and Eric Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art Lewis & Clark College, Oregon
2002 Style libre, Galerie Christiane Chassay, Montréal
2000 web.toiles portables. Galerie Christiane Chassay, Montréal
2000 Galerie l'Oeil de poisson, Québec

Actions and Performances

2003 AM.CAN.CO. Bain de soupe Espace Émergante, Montréal (Québec)
2003 Crwyydro/Wandering. Preseli HIlls. Wales
2000 web/toiles/portables. Galerie Christiane Chassay, Montréal
2000 The Kiss. Galerie Skol, Montréal

Websites: Galerie Christiane Chassay / Woven Metaphors
Studio address: 2158 Montgomery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. H2K 2R8
Phone (studio): 514 524-7918

Stirling Steward

Studied at London Contemporary Dance School & California Institute of the Arts (1993-6), & continues to study at home & abroad with various practitioners in improvisation & release-based movement work.

Recent solo work:
settle, an installation work with durational presence made for a disused silage pit during ointment, a live art event involving seven artists on a former livestock farm in West Wales, February 2001.
seam, a structured improvisation first shown at Liverpool International Festival of Dance Improvisation, December 2000; developed for the Barbican Theatre in Plymouth, March 2001.
fragment of rest, work in progress shown at ointment again, an informal event in a summer garden in St.Dogmaels, West Wales, August 2001.
remain, solo installation & improvised performance for the morning room at Clynfyw, a Victorian manor house in West Wales, as part of a collective live art event, April 2002.
eleven, solo performance & installation created during Crwydro, a residency with artists from from the ointment collective & Canadian artists Boreal, in Tycannol woods, the Preseli hills & Clynfyw, April – May 2003.


Ben Stammers

Residency: Ty Canol, Pembrokeshire, 2003
Crwydro: Clynfyw Countryside Centre, 2003
Young Wales V1: Royal Cambrian Academy, 2003
The Spirit of Lleyn: Oriel Glyn-y-Weddw, 2003
Residency: National Eisteddfod / Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, 2002
Landscape and Identity: Cywaith Cymru.Artworks Wales, Cardiff, 2002
…but still: Contemporary Temporary Artspace, Gallery 39, Cardiff, 2002
Residency: Bardsey Islandm, 2000
Bardsey Island: Three Views: Oriel Glyn-y-Weddw, 2000

Simon Whitehead

Movement artist Simon Whitehead works from his base in rural West Wales. He has developed a body of work from the pedestrian; encountering situations at walking pace his works are place sensitive and often involve a process of ritual reconstruction through the body, live performance, sound and sensual media. Over the last 5 years he has collaborated closely on many of these works with sound artist Barnaby Oliver.

‘My work moves from the desire to travel a distance in order to encounter the other. The smallest and most subtle part of my work is in the telling... the majority of the work happens whilst in motion; on the street, the hill or in a room. In this way, my process is place and energetically - sensitive, the outcome often unresolved and indeterminate.’ May 2003.

[Please note:] The majority of Simon’s past work now exists as a digital online resource, for more information and of documentation of works between 1995-2002 visit the website:

Recent Exhibitions and Projects:
2mph ( a pace for walking in rough country with cattle and sheep)
Work made in transit on 300 mile walk along drovers roads from Abercych West Wales to Smithfield Market London. collaboration with Peter Bodenham, web presence Barnaby Oliver. September 2002.

Performance film in assoc. with BBC Wales for series ‘Mad Bad and Dangerous’. In Production Autumn 2003, Preseli Hills.Wales. Broadcast May 2004.

Intercultural Exchange project between ointment Wales artists and Boreal Art Nature collective, Quebec. Coordinator and contributor. Preseli hills, West Wales, April - May 2003. Quebec exchange project winter 2005.

a walking and train journey to Germany with a small apple tree. TransitArten, Darmstadt , Germany . September 2003.

Locator ecology project with dance artists, Tycanol woods, West Wales. commission from Dance4/ Now Festival. Nottingham.Oct 2003.

dance and video installation with dancer/ gardener Jon Lochrie. Tramway, Glasgow. Jan- March 2004.

Artist in Residence, Intercultural project Brisbane Powerhouse, Australia. August 2004.