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Access Information and Site Map

This website has been designed to be accessible to people with disabilities, in line with Worldwide Web Consortium( Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. The main navigation menu at the top of each page are accessible by tabbing as well as mouse clicks.

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Site Map

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  2. process:

    1. A Group Walk
    2. Stefhan Caddick: Sound Recording #1
    3. Stefhan Caddick: Sound Recording #2
    4. Stefhan Caddick: A Provisional Questionnaire for Walkers
    5. Jeane Fabb: Seeking Something..Ty Canol Woods
    6. Jeane Fabb: Seeking Something..Waun Mawr
    7. Jeane Fabb: Seeking Something..Owen
    8. Maura Hazelden: Quest
    9. Maura Hazelden: Heart's Desire
    10. Maura Hazelden: Bro Ty Canol
    11. Francois Morelli: Flag Walks
    12. Stirling Steward: Notebook #1
    13. Stirling Steward: Notebook #2
    14. Stirling Steward: Notebook #3
    15. Stirling Steward: Enclosure
    16. Stirling Steward: Ty Canol Woods
    17. Stirling Steward: Unfurl
    18. Stirling Steward: Cup Marked Stone
    19. Stirling Steward: Carningli
    20. Simon Whitehead: Tracings
  3. show

    1. Peter Bodenham: Untitled (Installation)
    2. Stefhan Caddick: Hive (Installation)
    3. Stefhan Caddick: A Side/B Side (Installation)
    4. Jeane Fabb: Cae Nos/Nightfield (Installation)
    5. Maura Hazelden: Tu hwnt I ddeall dyn / Beyond the understanding of man (Action)
    6. Maura Hazelden: Presentation in a Panda (Installation)
    7. Maura Hazelden: secret places (Installation)
    8. Francois Morelli Flag Walks (Performance/Installation)
    9. Francois Morelli Flag Walks #2 (Performance/Installation)
    10. Ben Stammers: Untitled (Action)
    11. Ben Stammers: Untitled (Action #2)
    12. Ben Stammers and Stirling Steward: Untitled (Action #3)
    13. Stirling Steward: Eleven (Performance)
    14. Stirling Steward: Cofiad (a remembering) (Installation)
    15. Stirling Steward: Lion (Video, Sound and Action)
    16. Tedi Tafel: Slowly Rolling Narrative (Action)
    17. Simon Whitehead :Untitled (Action)
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  8. accessibility information and site map