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Process: Stefhan Caddick

Axe and ski former

Two weeks spent trying and repeatedly failing to transform rough pine planks from the local timber yard into usable skiis.

Following several attempts at steaming wood on a woodburning stove in the prospector's tent (Cougar Cabin) at minus 20 degrees C (the tent itself took around 2 hours to thaw and the water in the kettle another hour after that), I moved into Chalet Balsam and disrupted the cooking to steam the skiis in a roughly made wood kettle.

At the first attempt the skiis splintered at the point of bending them, but by the end of the residency I had a pair of usable skiis to which I attached snowshoe foot holders and tried to learn to cross country ski.

During our time in Montreal I had bought some ski wax, marked with the byline 'Fart pour ski'. I still haven't worked out what this means.

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