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Statements, brief Curriculum Vitae and contact details for the artists involved in Marcheurs des Bois

Peter Bodenham

hand made spoon with model landscapePeter Bodenham is an artist based in West Wales, UK. Peter combines his artistic practice with teaching at Coleg Sir Gar and UWIC, Cardiff.

Stefhan Caddick

Axe and ski former Stefhan Caddick is a visual artist based in Wales. His work is often multidisciplinary, encompassing visual art, new media and elements of performance.

Julie Durocher

view of cruciform installation on frozen lakeBorn in Montreal, Julie Durocher lives and works in the city and in the Upper Laurentians of Quebec. Her multidisciplinary practice ranges from foundry techniques to ephemeral installations and performance. Related to the themes of death and transformation, her work is an homage to life, expressing a preoccupation with the ways in which objects hold and give voice to memory.

Jeane Fabb

pine cones on beds made of snowJeane Fabb was born in England, and at a young age emigrated to live in Montreal, Québec. She studied visual arts at Concordia University and since 1975 she has lived in the boreal forest of Quebec's Upper Laurentians.

Maura Hazelden

Axe and ski former My main preoccupations are with the domestic [4.00p.m. tea, a properly set table, a place for everything and everything in its place;] and the land, place; memory and perception. From order to evanescence: solid to vapour: experience to memory.

Francois Morelli

Axe and ski former Francois Morelli is based in Montreal, Quebec and is Professor at Concordia University, Montreal

Daniel Poulin

prow of boat and snowshoes

Ben Stammers

toilet roll enscribed with writing

Stirling Steward

Steward dancing on frozen lakeStirling Steward is a dancer who trained at London Contemporary Dance School & in the USA, working for several years in London with choreographers Gill Clarke, Gary Rowe, Simon Whitehead, Kate Willis, Karl Jay-Lewin, and is now living in Abercych, West Wales.

Tedi Tafel

woman blurred in corridorTedi Tafel lives in Montreal and has been creating, performing and teaching for over 20 years. Her work is primarily site-specific and is researched and presented in urban, rural and wilderness settings. Her desire is to take the body out of traditional performance arenas and place it in direct contact with different environments. The results are explorations and expressions of the reciprocal dialogue that exists between the inner world of the human psyche and the outside world of our immediate surroundings.

Sylvie Tourangeau

Axe and ski former It is usually through simple interactions with ordinary trinkets that I invent rituals of circumstance. I attempt to bring the powers of transformation into being and to transmit them through various forms of human presence such as integrity, intimacy, the added value produced by the meeting of differences, social belonging and the envolving power of our perception of the present moment.

Simon Whitehead

Axe and ski former Movement artist Simon Whitehead works from his base in rural West Wales. He has developed a body of work from the pedestrian; encountering situations at walking pace his works are place sensitive and often involve a process of ritual reconstruction through the body, live performance, dance, sound and sensory media.