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Someone and a fish : Stirling Steward

steward dancing on Lac Sucreries

Someone and a fish / Quelqu'n et un poisson


As I prepare to be witnessed 'performing' I am aware that although I feel moved to follow the images & actions that are emerging I do not know exactly what this work is 'about' in a way that I can explain at that time. Is this OK? I feel both awkward & intrigued.

"As is often the case in Inuit poetry, it is up to the listener to reconstitute the narrative logic of what are often allusive texts by means of the context". (Inuit Women Artists - Leroux, Jackson, Freeman)

I return home & the memories of the frozen landscapes seem as a dream & yet a feeling of transformation & purification remains. The work reveals it's meanings over time the death of a friend's child; the carrying of my own; the pain & beauty of the world and how we bear this - for ourselves, for each other.

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