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Simon Whitehead

Recent Work:

July 06 - Walking to Work, Publication.
Oct 05 - June 06 Walks to Illuminate, public nocturnal walks project at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
June 2005 - ELI, video installation and performance, ointment group project, west Wales.
2005 - Dances for Radio, STAR Radio, Cardiff.
March 2005 - the guitar walks, 'Marcheurs des Bois' Residency with artist group ointment and Boreal Art Nature, Reserve Rouge Matawin, Quebec.
Nov 2004 - Rupture and Residue, Bonemap project, Queensland coast. Australia.
Jan - Mar 2004 - Awake2, Dance and video installation. Tramway, Glasgow.
Oct 2003 - Out of the Woods, Locator movement/ecology project with dance artists, Tycanol woods, West Wales. Commissioned by Dance4/ Now Festival, Nottingham.

Movement artist Simon Whitehead works from his base in rural West Wales. He has developed a body of work from the pedestrian; encountering situations at walking pace his works are place sensitive and often involve a process of ritual reconstruction through the body, live performance, dance, sound and sensory media.

Over the last 8 years he has collaborated closely on many of these works with sound artist Barnaby Oliver and his work continues to embrace notions of plurality and the collaborative process with other artists, the public, place and animals.

Simon is a founder member of the west Wales itinerant artist collective ointment.

More information: Untitled States .