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Julie Durocher


Born in Montreal, Julie Durocher lives and works in the city and in the Upper Laurentians of Quebec. Her multidisciplinary practice ranges from foundry techniques to ephemeral installations and performance. Related to the themes of death and transformation, her work is an homage to life, expressing a preoccupation with the ways in which objects hold and give voice to memory.

Her sculptural installations and performances embody the contrasts, cycles and states of equilibrium of that which is both permanent and impermanent. Produced in wilderness settings and often involving the use of white fabric, her performances and actions aspire to renew spiritual and sacred links to the natural world. In 1994 she joined the group Boréal Art/Nature where she participates in the creation of nomadic projects and residences involving artists from Canada and abroad.

Parallel to her artistic pursuits, she has developed a signature style of funerary art. In the mid-eighties she created her first reliquaries and urns in bronze, and has since founded a studio dedicated to the fabrication of funerary objects. Innovative, charged with symbolism and inspired by nature, her work presents beautiful and insightful ways to honor life.