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Maura Hazelden

Artists statement

My main preoccupations are with the domestic [4.00p.m. tea, a properly set table, a place for everything and everything in its place; her socks always came up to her knees; the cups and saucers should never be stacked; her handwriting was so neat; white and pale collars and cuffs should always be folded in white tissue; why can't you be more like her?] and the land, place; memory and perception. From order to evanescence: solid to vapour: experience to memory.

The forms that I work through are performance/action/live art; photovisual and installation ® sometimes all together; inside; outside: time based work.

Check that your hair is neat under your hat; that your coat lies smoothly over your shoulders; no-one will know what lies underneath.

Brief C.V.

Selected work 1999 - 2006:

Performances and installations as part of ointment, since February 2001 including Forest Art Festival, Darmstadt and residency with Boreal Art/Nature, Quebec, Canada.

Work shown at: G39; Tactile Bosch; Oriel Canfas; Cardiff Art in Time (all Caerdydd, Cymru/Wales); Aberystwyth Museum; Bandits Images: Festival of Audiovisual & Multimedia Art, France; Osnabrôk Media Arts Festival, Germany; Oriel Mwldan. Diversions Dance Company ® residency and documentation.

Occasional collaborations with Flo Fflach, and performed poetry.

Sometimes I teach textiles and fashion, theory and practical.