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Sylvie Tourangeau

Artist's Statement

It is usually through simple interactions with ordinary trinkets that I invent rituals of circumstance. I attempt to bring the powers of transformation into being and to transmit them through various forms of human presence such as integrity, intimacy, the added value produced by the meeting of differences, social belonging and the envolving power of our perception of the present moment.

My ongoing research pertaining to the "performative attitude" has been simultaneously envolving within three fields of experimentation; that of public actions, written reflections on performance art, and the creation of practical workshops.

While the actions that I prefer to use are simple in nature they also reflect complex universes, multiple sensations, and simple truths that are always worth revisiting again and again. In this way I use analogies, metaphors, polar opposites, my own brand of dry humour and a fragile vulnerability that ultimately becomes my salvation.

My performance art practice involves a certain amount of risk; such as modifying my actions at any given moment, testing my endurance in particular physical positions, sustaining a dialogue with an active spectator, etc. Although these risks may not be spectacular in nature they never fail to bring us back to the essential issues of direct communication.


Sylvie Tourangeau has been actively interested in performance art since 1978. She has been involved as a performer, an author and a workshop facilitor.

Some publications:

La résidence, le performatif 15 minutes d'Humanité, Éditions AXENÉO 7, Hull, 2005

Appel(s) à l'aigle, Éditions Sylviane Poirier art contemporain, Montréal, 2003, 50 p.

Objet(s) de présence, Éditions Musée d'art de Joliette,1998, 48p.