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Jeane Fabb

Jeane Fabb was born in England, and at a young age emigrated to live in Montreal, Québec. She studied visual arts at Concordia University and since 1975 she has lived in the boreal forest of Quebec's Upper Laurentians.

Processes of direct interaction with natural environments are at the core of her work. In response to historical, cultural and ecological features and underlying energies of a specific place, she creates site-specific installations and actions that explore relations between land and identity, ecologies and presence with a particular focus on women's experience and relationship with the land. Works may include basic elements of place such as seed, stone, root, water, wood, earth, as well as actions of connection with place such as walking very slowly in a forest, lying on the earth, gathering medicinal plants, drinking from a stream. A sense of ritual action permeates her process of making through deliberate patterns of intention and attention. Works are absorbed back into the land, and maybe seen by a few. Photo documents, texts and video installations become the records of the experience.

The site-specific work has been carried out in remote places in North America, South America and Europe, and she has exhibited installations, photo and video nationally and internationally. She is a co-founding member of Boreal Art/Nature, wherein she continues to coordinate, develop and participate in collective art/nature actions and residencies.